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So much to say

I haven't updated in SOO long! So much has been happening. This whole go to school/work 36 hours/try to sleep thing has gotten really old. I told the depot that I would only work 4 days a week till the end of the semester. I'm also on a billion different committees and shit. I'm planning the Christmas party (again) with Caitlin and the rest of last year's team.

Speaking of Caitlin, WE'RE MOVING IN TOGETHER!! Yes, you heard it right! I'm moving out of this house! Lately it has really been getting on my nerves and I can't handle it right now. As I'm typing this my subleaser is moving in. We found a great house to move into. It's kind of in the woods, away from the road. There is lots of room for Diesel to roam, a huge living room and kitchen, a large basement, everything! I'm sooo looking forward to having an adult house. Where I can bring people and not feel embarrassed. One where I can go into the kitchen and know I will be able to find a clean bowl/spoon/fork/plate. So much will be happening in the next month!
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