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Kinda drunk

It's like this; list 35 facts about you.  Doesn't matter what it's about as long as it's the truth.

1.  I use chapstick constantly.  I have tubes everywhere: at work, in my car, in every jacket, next to my bed, on my desk, etc. 

2.  I worry constantly about being a good teacher. 

3.  I am horrible at keeping secrets.  I can't remember a single one that I haven't told someone. 

4.  I'm always right.  Always.

5.  I get really lonely sometimes. 

6.  I don't think anyone understands me completely.

7.  Right now I would love to spend a week laying in bed doing nothing.

8.  I'm scared to graduate.  I've always had a plan, and right now I'm not sure what to do. 

9.  I only joke with people I like.  It is physically impossible for me to laugh with someone I don't enjoy spending time with.

10.  I want to move out of the house because it is always messy but right now my floor is litered with clothes.

11.  I have 3 facewashes.  Clearasil, Neutrogena Scrub and Neutrogena Face Mask/Cleaner. 

12.  I hate folding clothes, but I love taking clothes out of my drawers or off a hanger.

13.  If I could live alone, I would. 

14.  Most of my good friends wouldn't consider me a good friend.

15.  My longest friendship started in 6th grade.  It's the only one to last after coming to Western.

16.  I hated most of High School.

17.  I usually hate the movies that other people like. 

18.  I use Windex to clean stains on the carpet.

19.  I tend to want things really badly, but once I own them I lose interest.

20.  I love office supply stores.

21.  I'm usually a pretty horrible person.

22.  Sometimes I lie so much that I forget the truth.

23.  I don't think anything will ever be good enough for me.

24.  I don't think anyone will ever be good enough for me.

25.  My stepsister Deni said I was too critical when I was 13. 

26.  I still am.

27.  I listen to the same CD in my car over and over even though I have a 6 CD changer.

28.  I have little tolerance for people who I see as being inferior.

29.  I consider tolerance to be one of the most important traits a person can have.

30.  I always feel like I have no time to get anything done.  When I think this, I'm usually sitting around doing nothing.

31.  I own a Brita Pitcher but insist on buying bottled water.

32.  I'm horrible at sending cards/letters. 

33.  I know instantly if I like you or hate you.  Once I have my mind made up, it's almost impossible for me to change my mind. 

34.  Once you lose my trust, you can't ever get it back. 

35.  When one person hurts me, I shut everyone out. 

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