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A Year

I haven't updated in over a year. I don't know why I'm choosing to do so now. I'm thinking it has something to do with the fact that I have been bored for the past few days. School is out until Wednesday. I have the pleasure of attending an all day professional development conference at my school (six hours bitches!). I actually miss my little freshmen. I'm looking forward to going to school on Thursday and hearing about all the things they did on their vacation.

Diesel has something growing on his ear. I'm going to call the vet tomorrow and see what he wants to do. Last Friday he said that if it grew any bigger by next Friday, he was going to recommend that it be removed. It looks like Diesel doesn't feel like waiting that long and has encouraged it to grow exponentially in three days. Ashley said that he was doing this to get back at me for getting another dog. I would never put it past a member of my family to get sick to gain attention. Not for a second.

Speaking of the new dog, her name is Delila. I got her a few weeks ago from the SPCA. So far she has chewed a remote and dug two holes underneath the fence. I love her despite these issues. Diesel has been an exceptional big brother and she follows him around the house. The cutest thing about their relationship is the fact that she wants to be next to him at all times, but he can't stand to have her sleeping next to him. As a result, when he lays down, she lays down next to him. Then, he moves somewhere else and she follows shortly after. This game continues for approximately an hour until one of them gets too tired to either run or pursue. She also enjoys biting his legs and licking his nose, eyes, ears and teeth. She also enjoys putting a paw on my arm and once she gets my attention, she lays down on her back so I can scratch her stomach.

My life was so different a year ago. Exponentially so. I'm starting Graduate School at USF next week. Maybe a year from today I'll update again to see how I have changed further.

This is a poem I wrote for my Freshmen while we were talking about symbolism. We had discussed two poems that involved cloud symbolism, so I wrote a poem called "clouds." It makes me smile.

The storm is in the air tonight,
I can hear the clouds shifting,
Drifting until they have centered themselves
Over my head

I sense the space between the clouds.
As one leaves, it drags and pulls
While its successor pushes me to move.
Pushes to where it wants me to be

But clouds don’t ask questions.
And clouds don’t get personal.
Yet clouds use precision.
And float over their obstacles.

Clouds won’t get the best of me
Even though they make me suffer.
Perseverance is in my nature; Plus
They’re too far to see what I offer.
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