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Rantings of a poor college student

How can people party so much? I know people who spend their entire weekend partying and getting drunk. Then they spend Mon-Thurs recovering from their weekend so they can do it all over again. I am a firm believer in having fun but holy shit that seems excessive. I may work a lot and be stressed with school shit but at least I'm not wasting my life, my liver and my money on alcohol. That's ridiculous.

I am so poor. My stupid insurance was due today and that zapped up most of my checking account. Then I went food shopping and spent $60 which sucked up the rest of my account. I called my mom and vented about all the shit that's been happening lately. I told her how I hate school, that work sucks and it seems like I never have time to do anything. On top of being broke, generally my life is one big pile of shit. She did her standard mom duty of telling me everything would be alright and that she would tell my dad to give me some money. Twenty minutes later my dad called and asked how much I needed. I felt really bad asking him for money because I work really hard to be independent. He said that I shouldn't feel bad about asking for anything when I get into these situations and that he would always help me out, which is nice. I was a little shocked that he said that, it is usually out of his nature.

The Home Depot Non-denominational Winterfest Party is going to blow this year. So far we've almost decided not to have a theme, we've scrapped our decorations and probably won't have any entertainment. There is so much bitching around this party and so few people who are actually helping (the count is 3 out of 130) that it doesn't seem worth it for me to work my ass off for it. Its such a thankless job. Last year I think the only people who thanked us were the managers. Then the whole EOC committee is pissing me off too. The woman who gave me shit about making my Bulletin board said it looked really nice. That was probably in her best interest. I also have the pleasure of closing the night before Thanksgiving and going in at 9:30 the day after. How wonderful.

I have 6 books to read in 3 weeks. Plus a paper or 2 to write and a portfolio to whip up. The next few weeks are going to be a blur. All leading up to moving, which should be something stressful all in its own right.
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